Anne Jo Lee Harvard: Producer, Director and Cinematographer

Anne Jo Lee fell in love with photography at an early age, she worked as a portrait photographer and in film labs until age 23 when she attended Full Sail University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Film Production. Upon Graduation, she began this Documentary, Guardian of the Gulf, as a short film, to highlight her talents and successfully shot and edited a 6 min short to show to potential clients. Armed with her own XDCAM camera package and demo reel of previous commercials, music videos, and feature films, AJL moved to NYC in 2007 and within 2 weeks was hired on as an assistant to at her first choice of production companies, ASL. Anne Jo Lee has worked on camera and Jib assistant and became a member of Women in Film and Television in NYC TV Networks including the CW, ABC, the Discovery Channel and MTV. As a producer, she worked on several music videos, a feature length independent action film, various commercials and as a promotions producer for the nationally syndicated morning news show The Daily Buzz. This is Ms. Harvard’s directorial debut. Her passion for the subject matter shines through the pristine HD imagery. The Documentary tells the story of a location that is dear to her heart. She combines her favorite activities of travel, storytelling and cinematography to raise awareness about what truly means most to her, the United States, for the people by the people and the coral reefs that desperately need protecting.

Anthony S. Lenzo: Underwater Camera Operator

Anthony S. Lenzo, owner/operator of the Emmy award winning company Air Sea Land Productions in New York, adds tremendous prestige to the documentary with his high definition underwater cinematography. His technical expertise and creativity as Director of Underwater Photography is a spectacle to behold through his underwater shots featured in America’s Lost Treasure. He has over 16 years of experience in the film and television industry where he pushes the boundaries well beyond traditional methods of capturing images. As an engineer, he created advancements in camera technology with the company ASL Gear. His credits as camera operator include the following: ABC, National Geographic, FOX Sports, Dateline NBC, ESPN, and Discovery Channel. All underwater clips produced by Air Sea Land Productions.

Jerson R. Lafuente: Original Score and Post Production Audio

Jerson R. Lafuente is a music producer, audio engineer, and music composer from New Orleans. He holds an Associate of Science Degree in recording arts and Bachelor of Science Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. He completed internships in Audio Post-Production Walt Disney World, CBS Radio, and Champion of Choices for former WWE/ WCW intercontinental champion Marc Mero. After completing his CBS internship, Lafuente worked for Mix 105.1 as a part time DJ and later produced the morning drive for Sunny 105.9 where he received a rare CBS Radio Employee of the Month Award. Upon completion of the Champion of Choices internship, he worked as the A/V technician for the Think Poz Tour of Marc Mero.


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