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The Beginning of the End

My Very 1st VLOG posts from Kauai, the 1st time I lived there, in 2010. I had nothing except a backpack, a new friend and the footage on ONE G drive and a halfway functioning MacBook Pro.

In 2010, I moved from Big Island of Hawai'i to Kauai, after shooting a documentary about a local fisherman, Uncle Billy, in Poʻipū. It was my first paid Documentary film and I documented his 60th birthday to share with his friends and family. I found out this previous trip, in 2017, that Uncle Billy had been successful in restoring the ancient Heiau behind his home.

While staying in Poʻipū, 2010, I made friends with an Ukulele player, Lance C, who offered me a room to stay in while I went to a wonderful Chiropractor nearby in Kalaheo.

Kauai 2010

This was after I had been rear-ended by a MACK truck, while living in NYC and couldn't find proper medical care, that I could afford or was happy with, so I packed all I owned in storage and had moved to Big Island with a friend. There I had been hired to work on a local TV show about an Organic Farm called "Natural High", upon arrival, I was informed that the local broadcast had been cancelled and was told I could babysit instead for the family we were to stay with.

Since my back and neck was still injured, I had a bulging disc in my low back, I declined the offer and set out to find more work, which proved difficult but while house sitting on Maui, I met some people with a camera that allowed me to borrow it to shoot that 1st documentary on Kauai. It was sheer luck that a chiropractor and massage therapist would see me, I had Health insurance but it wouldn't get involved in the accident related injury, especially in another state so they helped me get back on my feet, literally.

So, while I was on Kauai, in 2010, it was there that I began the ultimate Mission for Success, I had no idea how orwhen it would happen, only that I wanted to complete this project to the best of my ability and tell this story. Not only the History of the Dry Tortugas, but the story of my adventures in making and capturing History in the making.

Day 1, Mission to Success


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