• Anne Jo Lee

Synchronicity and Coincidence

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

"I don't believe in miracles, I depend on them", I have a button that says this, in a #VLOG from 8 years ago, when I started documenting this journey. I was living on Kauai, after filming a different short documentary, about a local legend and Hawaiian Elder, Uncle Billy of Poʻipū; I was staying with an ukulele player. I ran audio in exchange for a room to sleep in, that was in 2010 and I went back last year to the same place, coincidentally, I even ended up at the same chiropractor and had been rear ended again, was the most real life episode of déjà vu, I have ever experienced, at least I was on the Garden Isle, not a bad location to have such an occurance!

There have been a startling amount of coincidences in the making of this film and that's when I know things are on track. I have been, time after time, dependent upon miracles along the way and certainly have taken leaps of faith that some people wouldn't believe. Looking back it's even difficult for me to believe how far this has come and how much this project has directed the course of my life.

I enjoyed Deepak Chopra's book, "The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire", twice, I loved it; this is the 1st book that I had found that explained the science behind some of what I was experiencing. When he spoke about coincidences, it made a lot of sense to me.

I think one of the 1st, most obvious coincidences, (that really made me go hmmmm), was a short film I was asked to help out with, when I was still attending Full Sail. I had just started raising money to shoot a short Documentary at the Dry Tortugas, which is what this originally started out as. I had only been once, to the Tortugas but I knew enough about the History that I was very interested in this other short film a classmate was shooting, because it involved some of the historical figures that were also in my Documentary! The short film, is about the Lincoln assassination and really gave me some insight when I further looked into Dr. Mudd, who is the most famous prisoner of Ft. Jefferson at the Dry Tortugas! For this short, I was a Producer, Unit Production Manager and I played the role of Lincoln's wife, who had an epic scream at the time of the shooting. I later found out from a historian at the fort, that John Wilkes Booth did not actually break his leg after his leap onto the stage at Ford's Theatre, that it was more likely he broke it when riding away on a horse. Out of the conspirators, the four who were not hung, were sent to prison at Ft. Jefferson and later pardoned.

About that scream, well I was living here in Orlando at the time and recorded it in my closet, it's very difficult to record without the sound peaking so I had to scream at the top of my lungs many times and surprisingly, no neighbors came to check to see if everything was alright! The Director, Christiano Covino, I worked with on several other projects and was also who invited me to NYC to stay in the city later on. I wonder if I had not worked on this project if I would have ever been in NYC. Life has it's own little way of revealing God's perfect plan and that's why I'm not too worried, even though I'm couch surfing at the moment. It will not be long before I find a way to get a bus and bring the story to a National Park near you!


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