• Anne Jo Lee

Pitch Sessions, From The Heart and Cat Scratch Fever!

When making a Documentary, it's very important to have a fiscal sponsor attached. I'm fortunate enough to have found a fitting one, From The Heart Productions, in California, a 501c3 that has overseen the making of dozens of films, from concept to completion!

I was actually very sick in the ER when they called me to confirm they had accepted my project and it was tremendous news for me at the time, around Thanksgiving 2016. I had a rare case of Cat Scratch Disease (YES, it's real!!!) had me in the hospital for 8 days , they were giving me the wrong antibiotics and thought it was a staph infection.

It nearly killed me but when I got that phone call, it was the film that pulled me through, I was in Hawaii so no one was able to come visit me and after all the years of carrying this project, it finally was going to give me the strength to escape the hospital so I could go see my regular Dr. who immediately recognized what the problem was and sent me to surgery right away.

They offer opportunities for grants, networking and any donations made to the film are tax deductible. Carol Lee Dean, who runs this organization, wrote the book on film financing, literally, it's called, "The Art Of Film Funding". It's wonderful and we also have the opportunity to practice pitching our film with our peers in the film industry for feedback.


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