• Anne Jo Lee

#IndieFilm Feels & a Juggling Act

People wonder why it takes so long to make a film and the reality is, life happens. Between every day survival and wearing the many hats it takes to complete tasks, it seriously takes time. Especially on a shoe-string budget and this story deserves better.

This week, and every day I'm doing better. I'm putting my emotional self aside and doing the real digging it's going to take to bring out the content that I've gathered along the way. A lot of people have said to me that the story and what I've experienced along the way, of creating this story, is wildly important and should also be told. Perhaps it's too graphic with the amount of injury I've sustained but I can say it would be the genre of a dark comedy and I'll likely write a book about it.

In the meantime, I will do my best to fight through the tears, while I look through the 16 TB of hard drive space from the last 12 years, (that resembles a bottomless pit of images that are adventures I've had along the way) to bring you all the "extra" footage of this story that would never make it into the final hour. I want you to see what I've gone through and how truly important this story is and why I am so inspired to help protect our #PublicLands.

The truth is, the land has protected me and loved me, I'm even teary eyed writing this because I think of all the times I was sad or heart broken an I drove to the beach and let the ocean hug me and the sand dissolve my pain, weather it was physical or emotional, it works every time. To me, nature is proof of God, the sheer beauty and vastness of an open plain, the mountains and the starry sky, just touches me so deeply and profoundly that I feel very connected to spirit and want desperately to keep this intact for future generations.

The Dry Tortugas is a special place, just like the many others that need OUR protection. Sometimes people ask me why I choose this place and this topic and I simply feel like it choose me. I say set my emotional self aside, because as I look through the hard drives, I see all the failed attempts at getting this together and it is painful to know that I failed so many times but also just a reminder to get back up and try again because it is just THAT important, not only for me but for you too. Thank you for reading my blog, your support is greatly appreciated! #SupportIndieFilm


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