• Anne Jo Lee

I FAILED beautifully & Why I love @Twitter

TBH, there's not really anything beautiful about failure, it's the part that comes right afterwards... the moment you decide it's wonderful anyway and that you'll do better, that (yes, I WILL DO BETTER next time, each and every time!). Only then, you really can see the raw beauty in the willingness and your attempt to do something grand, knowing that the outcome could have go either way.

I was lucky to be with friends when I got the news, in an email, that I did not get this Grant, which was a HUGE opportunity (to the tune of $50K and a year long mentorship, that also included entry to attend and meet and greet at 4 prominent Film Festivals). Aside from the cash, just the networking alone would have been worth the time and entry fee but in all reality, I do have access and a very large network at my fingertips.

Which leads me to #Twitter and why I love my feed and enthusiasts* (I like this word better than followers); it's in these moments of perceived failure, that I look around for things to be grateful for, it just so happened that I had a $100 gift certificate to best buy, from @Chevrolet for post me with my Suburban and that i am a #ChevyGirl 4 life and lucky for me, I went and bought a new external Hard Drive to replace a few that had died this year. After 12+ years of shooting in HD, things got a little crazy when managing Hard Drive space and they used to be insanely expensive. Can you believe 2TB was ONLY $95! Been a while since I've been shopping for gear, obviously.

So not only was I lucky enough to go with some friends from #FullSail for some retail therapy, I also got some supportive comments on Twitter that reminded me that people, even though they don't know me, really DO care and see how hard I'm working to get this thing done! SO thank you for following me and showing support by reading this, it really means a lot!


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