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Greetings From the Florida Keys #TBT 2012 Channel 19 WEYW

In 2012 I moved from Texas to the Florida Keys, in my 35 ft Class A 1994 Rexhall RV, I had a full time job lined up to work as a photographer, taking photos of people with dolphins. Now, without getting into a controversial discussion and my personal feelings about these sea creatures being in captivity, I can tell you that I thought that all of the dolphins, at this facility, were rescued. It wasn't until my arrival and upon signing non-disclosures (more than I felt comfortable with), that I found out that they were being bred to have the babies to be sold into captivity for shows and entertainment. I do think it is important for the general public to see the wild life that is worth saving and most people land locked can't (or will never be able to), go diving to see the beauty of the mammals in the wild; it's the way in which they are kept that I find disturbing, I lasted for 3 days at that job.

I had been so excited about working there and spent a fortune to get there and wait for the job, I was stoked that on my time off, I could work on finishing this film. Turns out that, in the Keys I was doing everything I could to stay afloat and rarely had time to work on the film. Which has pretty much been the case from the beginning, no matter where I'm located.

So there I was, stuck in the Keys and it's just as expensive to park an RV as it is to rent a room so I had to get creative with the jobs I did and one of the more entertaining gigs I had was working at the local TV station, where I Created this show (Produced, wrote, Directed & shot it) for broadcast TV.

I eventually moved my RV to private Property that was run on solar, Long Hair Ranch on Big Pine, and no electric to hook up (which gets pretty warm) but I managed and learned a lot about solar. The TV station broadcast to 87 countries around the world and to Miami and South Florida on AT&T U Verse and Comcast.

Jenna Stauffer, Rick Belizzi and Krystal Banner were Great to work with at WEYW Channel 19 in Key West.

#SupportIndieFilm #WomenInFilm #GuardianOfTheGulf


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