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Great Friends and Perfect Strangers help(ed) make this Film happen!

Both are equally inspiring and care about this project getting made. Making a Documentary is purely a labor of love, if you are reading this, than you are probably a good friend or a perfect stranger and I appreciate your support because with out you, this film would not get made.

The majority of this Documentary has evolved out of sharing stories about the National Parks or while camping at a National Park and I feel like if you love our Parks and care about the environment, it would be very easy for us to be friends.

It is an especially wonderful experience to go with a good friend to a National Park, I highly recommend it, in fact... I did this last weekend and was reminded exactly why I've been doing all this work to get the Documentary done. I once again had that feeling of sheer joy, like a kid at their favorite playground when we got to the entrance of Everglades National Park. No buildings, no traffic, no buses, just stars and swamp and a crescent moon. Plenty of mosquitoes too but hey, if that deters people than the itchy welts don't really bother me, I'll take on a swarm of tiny vampires if it means I get to experience the rest of the peaceful Nature that's out there.

I had not been to Everglades since I did some filming there in 2010, the visitor's center has some nice updates and a lovely back porch for sitting and bird watching, you will also likely see an alligator or a few! Simply recalling the scene to write about it brings me a warm and fuzzy sense of nostalgia that only really happens when you feel at home and I did. It's been a very long time since I experienced that feeling and it gave me a much needed recharge to my internal battery.

This adventure came directly after an article was published in Occhi Magazine, about the Documentary, it’s always great to share good news but even better to celebrate it on a road trip. It’s a fantastic publication about Film, the Arts and Artists and I’m honored that this story get shared with more friends and strangers!

You can read the article/ interview HERE ….

The plan was to Canoe to the campsite in the Back Country, there are some raised camp sites that are actually in the water and some on the beach, primitive and not for the inexperienced. It was beautiful weather, sunshine mostly but also a breeze, a strong 15 mph breeze with gusts up to 20.

We rented the canoe at Flamingo Marina and once we were out of the shelter in the Marina, we started being directed by the wind, at about 1/3 of the way I felt like the wind would not be fun at and would make it difficult to camp, my body knew it too.

It’s moments like that, I’m grateful I’ve always listened to my instincts because it turned out to be continuous wind and instead, we cruised on down to Key West to see the sunset at Mallory Square and luckily found a camping spot at Boyd’s. Was good fun to give Brandon a tour of Key West and see the street performers.

The wind makes it difficult to start a grill so we built a oven that ended up resembling a flame thrower but it all turned out deliciously. Snapper and skirt steak with Asparagus, surf and turf. Neither of us had seen the ocean in a while so we hit several beaches till we found the right one, it was protected from the wind, the beautiful Bahia Honda State Park. The water was clear, we were surrounded by several shades of blue and green, temperature was just cool enough to stay in and float a while. Got to love the #FloridaKeys any time of year, especially lovely the winter months though.


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