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I caught a bit of the Macy's day parade on Youtube yesterday, it made me think of how lovely NYC is during this time of year. Also, how living there played an enormous role in the making of this film. After I graduated from #FullSail Film School, I stayed and worked in Florida on another 2 feature films, VS and CONTRACT KILLERS, both action films and was promotions Producer at the Daily Buzz where I wrote, shot and edited commercials for the morning news show.

I knew at that time, I should be in New York or LA and, lucky for me a friend from school invited me to live in an investment property of their parents in the City, (at 33rd and 1st, just down the street from the UN) while I found work and looked for my own place. Within 2 weeks, I had applied to over 40 companies and was lucky to get my foot in the door at Air Sea Land Productions in Astoria.

ASL specialized in HD POV and Jib, said I could intern and come in once a week, while the Company owner, Anthony Lenzo, was away in Canada building an underwater Camera Housing for the RED Camera system, which was brand new at the time. I came in every day and cleaned the entire warehouse, wrapped cables in drawers, cleaned every lens and looked through every piece of gear that was there, in order to familiarize myself with the place, plus I was excited to be in a place where I could utilize my skills and I like to solder, so I helped in the shop. It wasn't long before I began logging footage there and it happened to be some of the best Underwater HD Footage I had ever seen and I knew it would be great in this Documentary. Once I had been working there for, I managed to work out a trade for, Underwater HD footage, for my time there and that's how I have the incredible underwater shots that you see in the trailer. So many more shots in the film, they are stunning and impossible to recreate, shot with the Sony F-900.

I had been though the entire library of footage and selected the species that were in South Florida, particularly the turtles! I worked with ASL for two years until I was in a car accident and couldn't left the gear, then went to Hawaii, the 1st time in 2010, in order to heal and while I was there, I raised $25,000 to get the original first cut together while working at an editing suite in Hawaii underneath a Tattoo shop (where I traded my knowledge of Final Cut 7 in exchange for use of the editing suite). With part of that $, I flew back to NYC to get some things for the film and look for 2 tapes, that I never did find in storage. I also saw my friend in CT, who works at ESPN and went to Boston where I visited the hometown of my ancestors (John and Thomas Harvard).


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