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The video above, is a Rough Cut, extended trailer for the film, Guardian of the Gulf; The Dry Tortugas.  There are corrections and updates needing to be made to the trailer and to the final version of the original full length hour long version of the film.  This site is dedicated to raising the funds and documenting the process of the completion and distribution of this project.  

Guardian the Gulf,  is a High Definition, feature length, documentary film, intended for Domestic and International Distribution. This educational eye candy, unveils a hidden gem that played an important role in America's past, and one that could benefit the world's future; the Dry Tortugas National Park, established in 1996 along with the History of Fort Jefferson, a mysterious and enormous American Fortress built after the War of 1812.

Very few books are published, and no other film made to date, that gives such an encompassing overview of the many aspects of the Dry Tortugas revealed in this Documentary. The Documentary brings a unique perspective to heighten appreciation for the main aspects of the Dry Tortugas: the scenery, the wild life, the legends of pirates and sunken gold, the military history and unique architecture of Fort Jefferson.

The park is surrounded by a protected marine sanctuary and 99% of it is underwater. The group of islands within the park is nearly 70 miles west of Key West, Florida and 90 Miles North of Cuba. Dry Tortugas is special for many reasons, including the National Monument that takes up most of the 16 acres of the larger island, Garden Key, the mysterious and magnificent Fort Jefferson.

Once this location was a prison and for the prisoners and soldiers, Hell on Earth, now it’s an incredible sanctuary that needs our care and attention.  We are no longer fighting other nations we must fight to protect our natural resources and make people aware of climate change (which has recently damaged the Fort). In order to preserve the marine life and our National Heritage, people must know more about these places in hopes that they will take a stand and use their power to vote locally and raise awareness by taking action as an individual by making changes in their lives that results in better conservation efforts.


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